I’m a novelist and award-winning journalist who has lived and worked in London, England. My first novel, The Umbrella Mender, debuted in September 2014 with Wolsak & Wynn (Buckrider Books). My short fiction has appeared in journals across North America and England including Descant, Prairie Fire, The Austin Review and Five Dials. I won a National Magazine Award in 2013 for my profile of Métis blogger Chelsea Vowel. In 2021, I was awarded a fellowship at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts to work on my second novel. I’m a fiction critic and contributor to The Globe and Mail and also contribute to the LA Review of Books, The Millions, Hazlitt and I taught creative writing at the School for Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto for seven years.


At 23, I had a Master’s degree. At 35, I started work on a PhD and ended with a novel eleven years later. My favourite scuba dive was after dark. Clutter drives me crazy but I’m sentimental. Theoretic physics confuses me in the most pleasing way. I can’t conjugate Latin verbs but I can order a beer in at least three languages.

Photo by: Diana Renelli